Thank you for your interest in our guild! If you are a prospective applicant, please read the post in its entirety before submitting an application, and thank you for your consideration.

(Last updated 4/2/2019)

Who we are, who we are looking for

Puripuri is a close-knit group of friends who is looking for honest, social, friendly, self-motivated, and mature members.  It is required that you be over the age of 21. We place great emphasis on a mature and social individual over the "hardcore grinder", because we believe that the solidarity and consonance between members is what makes a strong guild and solidifies the bonds between members.  In fact, many core members have known each other for longer than a decade and have met up in the real world on several occasions. We generally stay away from any unwanted drama.

Puripuri doesn’t judge gender, sexual orientation, race, religious beliefs, or other differences. As such, we seek similar-minded people with good moral compasses, high ethical standards, and the ability to discern intrinsic value.  We do not tolerate people who are unable to be respectful towards others, or those who cannot follow basic social norms/etiquette. If you have concerns about your ability to get along with others in this manner, please refrain from applying.  Since we value interpersonal communication, it is required that you have discord and can communicate via voice chat.

*Do note that this is not a PvP-focused community.*

Submitting your application

When you fill out your application, please make sure you include everything we have asked for.  Having a friend within the guild helps ensure us that you can befriend others more easily if you were to join. This is not a requirement for your application, but it drastically helps with our decision. If you do not feel ready or comfortable submitting your application now, feel free to make an introduction post and chat in the “Dunbarton” channel so we can befriend you. Feel free to add us also! Just make sure you introduce yourself, because nobody likes an abrupt stranger. You may submit your application when you feel you are ready/comfortable.


The final decision will be made by collective members of the guild. This will normally occur within 2 weeks of submission. Please make sure you check your application regularly to respond to any outstanding questions and concerns.

Probation Period

Accepted members enter a month-long probation status. New members will be judged on how well they contribute and fit with the guild, as well as activity, helpfulness, and how well they represent the guild within the Mabinogi community as a whole. If fully accepted as a regular member, you will have access to private sections on discord.

Post Probation

Regardless of your status once removed from probation, we reserve the right to expel you at any time if you are deemed problematic or if you are reflecting poorly on PuriPuri as a whole. Remember, whatever you do when you're in Puri WILL reflect the image of the guild.


Think you got what it takes?